D1 conference adjustments & sports being canceled thread

“It’s worth noting that the operating expenses for men’s and women’s swimming were $283,864 and $282,437 in 2019, respectively, while both were projected to cost $320,000 in 2020 and $329,600 in 2021.”

I don’t think the ECU athletic department does math well.

That would be a net lost to the school since most of the swimmers were on partial scholarships and paying for room, board, and most of the tuition.

So if swimming was $700k per year can men’s and women’s tennis really cost them $4.2 million per year? The math makes no sense.

There’s no way those sports cost that much annually. Facilities cost were a big driver for eliminating what they did.

Cost for Swimming and Diving Staff is $209,000 with one of the assistant salaries not being in the database. Those costs may not be 100% accurate but I would bet they are fairly close if they are counting scholarship costs as well.

But how much is it to maintain a pool and a small indoor tennis facility? They couldn’t have spent more than $500k on maintenance for those two facilities per yer. Where do they get the $4.9 million in annual savings? Did they estimate having to build a new pool in 2025 for $30 million and divide those costs by 10 and say we can save $3 million plus per year by not having swimming and diving?

They played Tennis off-site, so I assume they are saving those rental fees. Their pool is shared with University, so perhaps there were shared costs there, no idea. Sounds like their swimming facility was in dire need of updates.

They upgraded the water filtration and temperature control system in 2013 and lighting and acoustics in 2014. I’m not saying it isn’t in dire need of repairs but seems a convenient excuse to shut down the program given they tout it as one of the premier collegiate aquatic facilities in the state. They are just wanting to turn over operation, maintenance, and improvement cost to the university in general. Curious how often the average student was allowed to use these facilities up to this point.

Not trying to be an ass, but aren’t they going to keep the pool in operation? How much are they actually saving? Travel cost? Swimming uniforms? Coach salary?

My guess is athletics is shifting the operating costs to the University. So they are dropping maintenance costs, coaches, travel, equipment and scholarships.

thanks, just saw that on twitter.

Interesting one to follow.

The severity of the financial impact will vary by school.

In 2018, only 29 collegiate athletic departments generated more revenue than expenses, according to the NCAA. All of those programs were members of the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, or SEC – a collective commonly known as the “power five” conferences.

The NCAA said that in 2018, athletic departments across its three divisions spent more than $18 billion, but only generated $10.3 billion in revenue.


The University of Connecticut will cut four sports — men’s cross country, women’s rowing, men’s swimming and diving and men’s tennis — after the conclusion of the 2020-21 season.